I posted a bit ago about Microsoft's MVP revolt with regards to supporting VB6. They've responded in kind with VBrun, "Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center."

The product manager for Visual Basic, Jay Roxe, responded to the petition on his blog and, most importantly, has acknowledged support for VB6 in Longhorn:
"However, I want to highlight to you that Microsoft is still supporting Visual Basic 6 and will continue to for quite some time. In fact, the Visual Basic 6 runtime is slated to ship as a part of Windows Longhorn, which means that it will be covered under Longhorn’s support lifecycle."
I'm an unapologetic lover of VB6, and find myself still using it all the time for helpful utilities. Most recently I wrote a tool using the Apple iTunes COM SDK to sync my physical arrangements of mp3s and folders with the playlists that it created. It's a nifty tool, and I'll post about it soon along with source code.