In my teaching years I'd often run into people who thought they understood things that they really didn't. Today, spreading like a fire I found a series of "do you know" posts that measured levels of understanding in three technologies most people think they understand: HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Of course a personal evaluation leaves one open to questions but I think I'm doing okay level-wise. I wasn't at the top in any of the posts, but just a notch below.

When it comes to technologies, even those that I use on a daily basis (like the above) I'm always loathe to say I have a maximum level of knowledge because I am well aware of those who sit on the top of the food chain in whatever areas of knowlege it might be: I'm no Eric Meyer when it comes to CSS, I'm no Thomas Fuchs when it comes to javascript, and although I know much of what there is to know about HTML, I haven't spent (what I consider to be a waste of) time navigating differences in rendering on different browsers and standards support unless it's been a big problem on a project.

Well, here's to all of us who are still learning...



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