I think it was a bit of a rub off from me liking Francesco Balena after being very impressed with him at my first tech conference, VBITS 2000 in San Francisco, but Dino Esposito is another of those intensly smart Italian programmers living right on the edge of that Microsoft technology curve.

Anyhow, Dino, in response to lots of developers like myself, wanting to get better wrote the following:

"Some people here at the conference asked what I feel to recommend to do NOW. Pretty easy job.

I do recommend to learn as much as possible about ASP.NET 2.0 internals. For example: handlers, modules, providers, lifecycle, script-oriented API around the Page class. To learn as much as possible about best practices for control development.

In this regard, I wrote quite a few articles for the ASP.NET DevCenter in the past months to form a sort of crashcourse on control development. "
That's some great advice and it exposes a few personal areas that could see growth.