... will they get up? Buzz is all around since the Y-Combinated Kiko is folding and being auctioned off. I was interested in what looked like a blog post retrospective of the whole thing until I realized it was just someone speculating, not the kids from Kiko writing about what happened.

Truth be told even though web calendars are interesting software, I really don't use them. I used Kiko a few times just to see how it worked and was impressed with what it seemed to take programmatically. And that's how I judge the whole thing - as a technical achievement, not as a sales person's way of making a lot of money even though they may have hoped for that side effect.

Now if I had $50,000 and a lot of motivation I'd get that source code and make a calendar component for .NET - the last one I worked with was no fun at all. And of course I know nothing about being profitable; it would be an interesting project is all.