I love a good podcast. I started as a very regular listener on IT Conversations and have since drifted around looking for quality material. IT Conversations started with a lot of good content but it seems as though of late its drifted into MBA type material which is a bit vague for me; I prefer good technical podcasts.

Some places I've found myself consistently happy:
1. Hanselminutes - great coverage of the .NET universe along with other technical topics such as Syndication, SCRUM, and the like.
2. Software Engineering Radio - I am working at restraining myself of cultural stereotypes but the SE Radio crew are very, very concise. They have a much better depth of coverage than other technical podcasts
3. .NET Rocks - good show with an excellent track record. Sometimes just a touch too long, but I've always liked DNR.

I've listened to a few podcasts from WebDevRadio. Much of what I heard was good, and I like how it takes me out of the exclusively .NET universe a bit.

From IT Conversations, my favorites up to this point included Steve McConnel, Joel Spolsky, Philip Greenspun, Will Wright, and Paul Graham.

Although Venture Voice isn't really that interesting to me, Jason Freid and Joel Spolsky have some good interviews there as well.

In the "lost podcast" genre - David Heinemeier Hansson of 37 Signals had a great talk at Carson Workshops where he talks about the basic philosophy of Ruby on Rails. I don't see a link to it but if you find it, it's good. Simon Incutio took some great notes that will give you a good idea of what was said.

Well, there are a lot of podcasts out there; too many for me to get to. These are most of the ones I keep going back to and finding gems.

Peter Seale has a much more comprehensive listing here. I'm looking forward to going through his list, it would be nice to make a website that kept a nice listing of such podcasts. Not necessarily aggregated, but something maintained by a more trusted curator.