I had posted about Yegge's Agile/agile essay, trying to follow some of the interesting comments that ensued on the web. I made the following comment about Raganwald's response:

"Raganwald has the most interesting response
I've seen so far: that it all comes down to people over process and a good team
will succeed despite methodological strategy. "

He has since posted an elaboration in response on his blog - I was a little off in my reading:

"No. I'm saying that a "good" methodology cannot save a bad team. That does not
mean that a good team can survive a bad methodology. There are four
critical parts
of a successful software project, and in my experience you
cannot succeed if any of them are missing. People are the first of those,
management the last. Methodology is a part of management in my view. In some
situations, strong management can impose an informal rather than a formal
methodology. But it would be stretching a point to claim that such situations
lacked process or had a bad process."