I've always wanted to work for Microsoft. My first chance was right out of college when a professor of mine passed my resume to his friend up there.  I had some embarrasing crap about how I'd always wanted to work for "the company." It was all true but I can imagine the HR person directing anything that sappy to the trash. Instantly.

But it's just as well - Steve McConnell has an interesting comment about how much time at Microsoft may be spent in meetings - for developers:

When I was at Microsoft in 1990-91 I probably spent less than 5 hours a week in meetings. In contrast, I had a former Microsoft employee tell me earlier this year that on the team he was on he was booked in meetings from 10:00-4:00 5 days a week. Lots of managers at other companies have told me that they're in meetings all day every day and get most of their "real work" done during evenings and weekends, so obviously there's a big difference between Microsoft 1990 and Microsoft 2007, and among different companies.