I started my IronPython musings with Notepad++ since it's my usual text editor (after being enamored with Textpad for many years, I moved on - lots of reasons, perhaps I'll blog them later).  As time passed and my scripts grew in size I started using an old version of Komodo I've got which has decent support for Python. I used Komodo (3.5) when I was writing a lot of Perl and it worked pretty well for that, especially since it had a good enough debugger and CGI emulator for me to dig myself out of holes.  Komodo does okay with Python but I've been using Wings IDE on recommendation from fuzzyman and it's much more responsive and fluid as a development environment.  Additionally, I got Komodo when there was still a cheapo version but now it's quite expensive - exceeding the Wife Acceptance Factor for experiments (WAFe).  Wings is quite reasonable, I'll start with the Personal edition and if I can get my company onboard I'll ask that they upgrade my license.

Unfortunately I still need to run my scripts outside the IDE environs since Wings isn't built with IronPython support (correct me if I'm wrong), but I'm quite used to this now. 



The Hitchcocks
Dude, skimming your blog has made me realize just how behind the times I am. Once upon a time, ol' Hitchcock was actually tech-savvy. Now (as I found out last week) a 2005 RPG won't play on my 2007 laptop because my soundcard is incompatible. I live on MS Word. Sigh.

Being a little homesick - and it being my and Christina's five year anniversary - we ordered from Papa John's last night. For $30 we got jalapeno and pepperoni pizza, and I was in heaven. Can't wait to re-contaminate myself with the American diet come August.
Although you do have to run IronPython scripts 'outside' of Wing IDE, it is *very* easy to setup scripts/commands to run your current script (or the test for the current script) and assign them to a function key.