Found a good podcast today, "Deep Fried Bytes." Skip the first episode but the second on interviewing is a gem. Although it was posted on May 29, it ties in quite well with thoughts delivered (not simply written, but delivered) by Steve Yegge in his recent post on finding good people, Done and Gets Things Smart. Not only is it entertaining to hear Ayende Rahein take nonusers of using blocks to task, but later Scott Belware seems to be on the same page as Yegge on how you can know if people are "good."  Here is his approach (listen to the podcast if you want total accuracy):

- I don't ask questions I do pair programming for interviews...
- Interview questions are irrelevent... most of the people asking interview questions are showing the people who are interviewing what they know
- Ask for a code sample with unit tests that run inside Visual Studio
- If that's okay ask them to come in for 4 hours of pair programming
- Most interview related items would come up during the pair programming session