I've been getting up to speed with Silverlight and decided to rewrite nRegex to leverage it as a client side processor for what the original nRegex shipped to the server with AJAX calls.  In the original nRegex this worked fine until you had to deal with large documents but once you were in the large document space things began to go awry. My solution was to allow for a "manual" evalution of the regular expression (rather than a time interval based evaluation) but I'm hoping that Silverlight will prove an elegant solution since not only can it harness the power of the client but it also has features to run code asynchronously.

In my first iteration I leveraged a lot of the JavaScript interop for the Silverlight control and avoided XAML for display. I think in the next iteration I'm going to spend more time on displaying results via XAML.

Feel free to present any comment or suggestion on nRegex and its direction.