The most recent Mac advertisements have two guys, side by side: a chubby guy that looks like a dishevled Bill Gates and a young hipster. You can guess who represents the PC and who represents the Mac.

But truth is a little bit more boring than fiction: Macs are vulnerable too. They are expensive too - I was salivating over a MacBook until I priced one out.

Luckily I have an iBook courtesy of the company that I can use. I love it, but I don't have that kind of money - or rather, I'd drop it on a nice Thinkpad or Alienware and keep that extra money I had left over.

I always liked Mac ads (Remember the "switch" campaign?). Who else would get folks like De La Soul and Liza Richardson for an endorsement?

But alas, here I sit in the coffeehouse: a monstrosity of a HP laptop in front of me, upon which I write code in javascript, perl, C#, VB.NET, and C++, running my RSS aggregator, messenger, and of course, of course Firefox amongst other things in the toolbox. And I'm not in a bad suit either.