After spending a long time without having the ability to impose "testing" in the projects I was working on, I'm now in the position as lead developer to make testing a part of our development process.

Last week I went back and forth with either using NUnit, which I'd be more inclined to do on my own versus Visual Studio Team's built in testing capability. I chose Visual Studio just because it would be easier for team members to get to; I can't look over everyone's shoulder and force them to write tests but I can make it as easy as possible to encourage the behavior.

Before doing so I did a search to try to see if there were major differences between NUnit and Visual Studio's testing - I don't remember anything notable but today, just my luck since we've gone full force in the Visual Studio direction, I find a post complaining of lack of functionality in Visual Studio's test framework vs NUnit.



Syed Faisal
the link "Post" is dead; can u point me to a live post.
I am looking for difference between NUNIT and Microsoft Testing framework