... which means in Swahili to "be excited." It's interesting to me how Apple is so good at generating a buzz and feeding the frenzy of their users. My boss is using Vista right now on a brand new shiny laptop but no one is gathering around the machine to say "ooh" - but I guarantee if I had an iPhone in the cub area people would be crawling over each other to have a look.

To be sure a lot of it is design, but there seems to be something more. Apple seems to court their users with the new and the novel, Microsoft rolls out a new version of what you already have (operating system) or a copy of something else that's successful (Zune). Apple knows how to keep people guessing and drum up occasions like Macworld to wow people. Microsoft seems to release their products in a time warp (Origami, anyone?) and make things that seem to have no mass appeal (Origami == Newton 1994?).


I'm geeky enough, however, to be excited about Microsoft's products - specifically IIS 7.

Well, the iPhone is out of my price range (I always take the free with the service phones) but it's good eye candy.