Imagine being able to pull Anders Hejlsberg, Chief Architect of C#, Herb Sutter, Architect in the C++ language design group, Erik Meijer, Architect in both VB.NET and C# language design, and a programmer's programmer, Brian Beckman into a conference room and have an hour's worth of conversation on programming languages - to hear about composability and functional programming and abstraction from people whose decisions literally shake our world from the top.

This recent video on Channel 9 is just that.

At the end, when they are getting kicked out because someone else is scheduled for the room I can't help but laugh. Guys like Anders Hejlsberg get kicked out of conference rooms too eh? They must be human.

Here are some quotes:

Anders -

"language is like the color of your glasses... "

Beckman -

"Scheme is sort of God's Lisp with all the noise boiled away..."

Meijer -

"By definition you cannot have too much abstraction because abstraction means leaving out the unnecessary detail. So if details are unnecessary you can abstract... sometimes you abstract from necessary details but that isn't true abstraction because you've taken away necessary detail"