A while back I made a property code generator I called t3rse::proper. It was an exercise to solve a problem I'd had as well as write something useful entirely in javascript. I've added a few new features to it that will hopefully make it even more useful in future:

1. Custom Shortcuts
Proper allows shortcuts for common datatypes - for int you simly type i_ and the same is true for bool (b_), string (s_), datetime (dt_), as well as a few others. If you have a classname that you need to build properties on, you can add your own prefix and follow that with an underscore when you're defining your properties. You could, for example, use sq for SqlConnection.

2. DebuggerStepThrough
More often than not properties have a simple definition that needn't be stepped through when debugging. A while back I started adding the System.Diagnostics.DebuggerStepThrough attribute to pieces of code like this - I've added this feature to proper with a checkbox option.

Future features? Whenever I have time the following:
1. Ability to remove custom shortcuts gracefully
2. Settings and shortcuts stored in a cookie

One final thing I'm pondering is whether to try to implement The World's Simplest Code Generator as an exclusively javascript/ajax application. I thought about it as a newer version of proper but I like the idea of proper being so dead simple that it doesn't become unwieldy. Does it suck? Tell me why at proper at t3rse dot com. Want to make it better? It's all there as javscript, just send me an update and I'll see if I can include it in a newer release.