There are some great videos at the Business Innovation Factory -

Jason Freid (37 Signals) -
I've been watching these guys for a long time. Although I'm a little resistant to some of the accolades associated with them, the 37 Signals crew thinks clearly and has a clear identity with which they seem overwhelmingly successful.
My favorite comment is Jason saying that they (37 Signals) want to be "enemies of mediocrity."

Richard Saul Wurman -
I first learned about Wurman from TechTV's "Big Thinker" series - although he is trained as an architect his career spans the sort of multidisciplinary mix that makes him special. He originated the TED conferences which have become quite popular of late. He's got an interesting new project called 19:20:21, be sure to check out the information graphics.

Clay Christensen -
One of the most interesting thinkers in the theory of business at present.  I wonder if Clay is more an economist than what one would consider a conventional "business" person. His gifts as a teacher shine through in this particular presentation.