In the wake of all the plastic surgery and body augmentation going on around, a developer like myself can feel a little out of place - out of century to be more exact. 

And yet, whether he's joking or not, I'm half tempted by Wesner's admission to "performance enhancers."

But the thing I know with certainty is that being productive will only beget the desire to be more productive. Instead of learning and implementing 4 technologies, it will be 8.  I'll pile more home projects and "meware" until I'm aching for another 5 or 6 hours a day.

In a world that has the audacity to produce ridiculously smart people who are subject to feeling that yet others are "smarter" I may as well hold.

But it's tempting... maybe until I know F# and then I'll hold...



"Just one more language... one more and then I'll be fine..."

I've been thinking about this the last couple weeks. (1) I'm in danger of letting work take over my life. (2). OTOH, isn't it great to have a job that so fun that you kind of *want* it to take over your life?
I drink a good amount of coffee at work but not nearly as much as I used to. I assume that would be considered the default performance enhancer for many programmers. I also find that if I stay up late I get a nice boost of energy around 10pm, midnight and 2am. I personally think finding your own personal biorhythm and combining with a small amount of coffee if you need to boost your lows is the best policy to sustained productivity and a healthy body and brain.