long entry because it was written at an airport, just back from celebrating 3 years with my beautiful wife in Monterey, CA...

A few interesting things, but first just a summary of what can be done with what's new in red:

#connection strings
cn = "Data Source=.\\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=DB_SOURCE;Integrated Security=SSPI;"
cn2 = "Data Source=.\\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=DB_DESTINATION;Integrated Security=SSPI;"

#back up the database to a file

#copy/export basic

#pick your delimiter
database(cn).table("Photos").copyto.delimited("\t", "c:\\spam.tsv")

#copy to database

#all copy operations can leverage transform dictionary
mytrans = {"FIELD1":"upper","FIELD2": lambda x: x.upper(),"FIELD3": lambda x: x[::-1]}

database(cn).table("MY_TABLE").transform(mytrans).copyto.delimited("\t", "c:\\spam.tsv")

... and so on, see above

Some internal changes:
1. Error Handling, quite lazy for now simply stores a combination of a friendly message along with full text of the exception thrown:

class errorhandle:
    def print_error(self, text, error):
        """ Handle an exception by just printing a friendly message and then the error's guts"""
        print text
        print error

    sqlhelper().run_sql(registrar.databaseRegister, sqlBackup)
except Exception, inst:
    errorhandle().print_error("Error occured during backup", inst)

2. Some Pythonic prettiness (via Catherine):

#if registrar.transforms.has_key(field): -- es muy fao!
if field in registrar.transforms:       

I do like the more idiomatic form myself.  This a perfect example of where, as a .NET developer I look around for methods and miss a beautiful idiom.

3. Right under my nose, back to idiom, were a few simple pythonic forms that took away a lot of the line noise and clutter I was producing during my initial rabid sketches of the idea. Doing multiple assignment out of a SqlDataReader is something I only thought of now, though it makes such perfect sense:

column_name, column_type, column_length, column_identity = \
    r["name"], r["typename"], str(r["max_length"]), r["is_identity"]

4. Returning tuples rather than lists.  Tuples are more effecient and as effective.  A question that's begun burgeoning now is whether excessive use of tuples is lazy when a specific type is more clear.  For example, when I read column data from a table, I need to know two things: the column name and whether it's an identity (autonumbering). Right now I'm doing the following lazy gesture:

colTypeInfo.append((column_name, column_identity)) #(column_name, column_identity) is the tuple added to the list.

But if I start to add other useful bits of info, like the datatype of the underlying column, I wonder if a class would be better since you could have something like:

colTypeInfo.append(ColumnData(column_name, column_identity, column_type)) #Where ColumnData is a type somewhere

Right now the tuple approach works fine and a class feels like overkill. For now, I'm just afraid of it bloating as needs present themselves...

5. Speaking of identity columns, I added better support for them in tables being copied.  I also now use brackets for column names since certain people like to use reserved words for columns (or don't have a choice).

6. I mentioned in a comment that I tried to reconcile feedback from both Catherine and Michael "Fuzzyman" Foord.  When I match columns for transformations I allow any TypeError to be suppressed, but also store it in a "warnings" list that I'll incorporate into the completed process.

def checkAndTransform(self, field, value):
    """ Perform transformation on fields based on either:
        a) keyword entries ("upper", "lower", etc... )
        b) lambda expressions
    if field in registrar.transforms:       
        if callable(registrar.transforms[field]):
                value = registrar.transforms[field](value)
            except TypeError:
                registrar.warnings.append("Your transform failed on field %s" % field)
        elif registrar.transforms[field] == "upper": #more of this kind of stuff _maybe later.
            value = value.upper()
    return value   

As always you can have a look at the entire thing here.  It's been great getting guidance, any comment is welcome and will be studied.

What is on the list?
1. I've been using a cheap, unstudied approach to delimited files. I'll need to look at the "official" way of escaping entries.
2. Importing data
3. A few more variants of operating on databases, like "create."



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