If you haven't and you do Microsoft development, give an ear to John Galloway, K. Scott Allen, Scott Koon, and Keven Dente in their "Technology Roundtable" podcast.  There are a lot of podcasts I find entertaining, (like Joel and Jeff's discussions) but these guys seem to do what I do - and to contextualize that since it may sound presumptuous, they deal with Microsoft development tools building "real world" software.  

I try to have "take aways" from podcasts so from the first more impetus to investigate Ninject and dependency injection as well as more investigation of LINQ to SQL and the ADO.NET Entity framework (opinions flew on these, I'd like to develop some of my own).  Finally, even though I'll probably skip the beta, I will look forward to .NET 3.5 SP1 since ASP.NET Dynamic Data will be packaged therein.

The second podcast had a great discussion on javascript libraries. I've used jQuery and YUI and Prototype on different projects and while my fondness for Prototype/Scriptaculous is probably greatest of all I am always eager to hear other people's experiences. The framework I have yet to do anything serious with is Dojo - I did some quick prototyping of their flyout menu with ASP.NET server code and I hate to say it but the ASP.NET Menu control was a lot more effective and fast. While it wasn't explicitly stated, this podcast has dampened my interest for the ASP.NET Ajax stuff - I looked at it again a few weeks ago and it seemed so... heavy.  I'm not sure who mentioned it in the podcast but they said it seemed more oriented for writing controls versus Ajaxy type applications.  I would have to concur with my limited knowledge.

I'll stay tuned, it will be interesting to see what they talk about next time.