I was browsing to Elliote Rusty Harold's blog to see if he had any predictions for XML in 2009 and to my surprise I found his post: "Java is Dead. Long Live Python!"

My familiarity with Harold comes from a time in my life where I worked heavily with XML and later Java and it was his books on both subjects that proved invaluable when I hit my rather frequent roadblocks.  As invested as he is in Java, what would make him say as much? In a nutshell, it's the way the language has been implemented over the last few years - claims which, even if you don't agree with the premise that Java is "dead like COBOL", are worth some attention.

What is interesting to me about Java right now is not the language itself but dynamic languages and their platforms built on top of the JVM. JRuby is what comes to mind first and I'm recently interested in what a JRuby/Glassfish world looks and feels like.