Since my days trying to hack up some Perl1 I was charmed by the idea of a developer’s advent calendar: a day by day lead up to Christmas with articles pertaining to a specific topic. I’m otherwise a scrooge during the holiday time; not given to commercialism, Christmas music, and other seasonal rituals.

But I am up for the both the Perl Advent Calendar and the RJBS (Perl) Advent Calendar. On a similar vein, Sys Advent, a sys admin advent calendar should be interesting tracking too.

Others have riffed on the idea, most notably web developers. 24ways is a seasonal advent project that I’ve tuned into each year – I usually have at least one or two of the posts stick.

Finally, there is an entrepreneurial advent calendar, 24waystostart. A lot of good things in there, I feel the onset of holiday good cheer.

I’m disappointed not to find a .NET Advent calendar (or even a Python one!). If you know of a good advent calendar, developer or otherwise, feel free to share. A few good articles can make the season pleasurable, even for a grinch like me.


1Could it have been that long ago? Funny to see those old posts, but that's part of why I blog