Quigley is really simple: it’s a notepad. Here’s a two minute overview (watch full screen for the best experience):

Quigley in action!

Why another notepad? Isn’t there one that comes free with my operating system?

Wait, aren’t there cool products like Evernote that are better?

Trust me: I love Evernote and use it regularly. But there is some ceremony to using it (logging in online, the big client app, the variations between notebooks, entries, and all the sharing possibilities). Quigley is about less; it’s just a scratch space. It’s for the content that you may not care to structure and organize but that you need to remember. A potential freemium feature would be exporting content to Evernote via their API.

T3RSE, are you just trying to make money?

Not really, it’s free and open source although I might add some “freemium” features (in place email, backup, export to Evernote) in the future. I did it mainly to solve a personal problem and I like to write applications entirely in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you have any feature ideas, implementation recommendations let me know!