The nice thing about a blog is that you can trace decisions you blogged about to the exact date. It was July 18, 2013 when I wrote about using a desktop pc rather than a laptop. It’s been an interesting journey but it came crashing (pun intended) to a halt when my desktop died a few weeks ago.

It’s lazy writing but I’ll bullet point a few random thoughts about 2+ years on a desktop:

My experiences, especially in having to troubleshoot hardware, have led me to the conclusion that while the desktop experiment had some upside, I prefer an indestructible laptop if only because the hardware configuration is more stable. Yes, it is possible to have a flakey laptop but I’m several generations into Lenovo and they’ve all been solid. The big question going forward is whether my next laptop is a Lenovo or a Macbook. I suspect the latter but time (and the pocket book) will tell.